Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 5, 2022

Lana 2022

It was a long day of learning to unravel the layers of things that affected our upbringing. Hurts, betrayals, heartbreak, unrequited love.

The session ended by the late afternoon, and through tears of relief after unburdening so many emotions, everyone departed. I and a few others went to the water to enjoy its calm, soothing energy, where we let ourselves float physically and where we let everything we took on from that full-day session float away from the pores of our skin and out into the deep blue depths of the vast ocean, never to return or be thought of again. There was silence between the few of us because no words were needed. It was a moment when a profound bond was fostered. These many years later, much older and less laden with the burdens of life, I am floating on the waters of the place where I have helped heal many a person troubled with the tribulations that life brings. Today, however, I am here to unburden myself from the piko which tethered me to life, and they have all come. Those I have taught and outlived, and those who I have helped transition. They hold me as I float, chanting and praying until the sun sets its last orange glow beyond the horizon. Now I am floating toward the realm of the ancestors, where they await to receive me.

Credit: @Jan Becket

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