Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 2, 2022

Moku 2022

 Soil soaked with human blood from battles, mass murders, and sacrifice does not wash away through rains or floods or a change in the lay of the land.

 Blood spilled for the benefit of one human being's subjugation over another never goes away. A stain like that is fixed and very much indelible. The superstore sitting on hallowed ground where nearly a million were killed in various battles over history, would never close its operations down due to a few hauntings. So, what was the option? Fire the eyewitnesses and hire new workers. Unfortunately, the superstore owners did not figure out that word in the local community had already spread and become common knowledge. So much so that it was all over every social media platform available.

Late at night, car alarms were going off continuously. Other times, security patrols would find parked cars turned over on their sides, or the front ends smashed in. It was becoming a problem as the lawsuits were now mounting. Customers were being locked in the bathroom stalls while using them or being shoved to the floor by unseen forces. All the cash registers broke down one night, and even the security guards reported foul odors suddenly out of nowhere. There was also the pounding sound from the high ceilings. It scared the hell out of everyone and sounded as if the entire roof was going to collapse. Several priests and Kahuna were called to do a blessing, but nothing seemed to work. The activity would only stop for a while, but it was always ten times worse when it came back. The management staff and higher-ups were at a loss as to what they should do. Fortunately, after years of such activity, foreign buyers came on and brought the land where the superstore stood. 

"Good luck with that," one senior manager remarked."A different structure, same demons,"

You know where this place is; we all do.

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