Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 17, 2022

That Day 2022 Part 4

 .....Continued from yesterday

Flamenco is passionate and bombastic, with its accompanying members lending incredible rhythmic claps to the guitar player who blindingly strums his six-string.

The singer performs a cante about love and death and that both are one and the same. Debbie is the bialaor who personifies everything through her dance. The music was already playing when we arrived at the Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the building. The crowd was as enthusiastic, completely caught up in the moment of the flamenco performance as it came to its conclusion.

 "Next!" The local Chinese emcee announced on the microphone, "All the way from the Beverly Hills of Kalihi; she's the owner of Fernandez dance studio and a Farrington High school graduate; please welcome the Flamenco stylings of Debbie Fernandez!"

Who I knew from the dance studio and the late-night Dinners at Kenny's with her wild sense of humor and the person who took the dance floor were two completely different people. Or were they one and the same?

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