Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 29, 2022

Victoria 2022

 ...continued from yesterday

"You're here, but you should be with dad at Kanehunamoku?" Boy said.

"Oh yes, your father is there waiting,"Victoria placed the palm of her hand on her son's face. "He's upset that he couldn't come, maybe next time. You've become quite the man, your father and I are so very proud of you,"

"Why are you here mom? Is something happening?" Boy asked.

"I had to intervene," Victoria began. "What you're about to do with this spirit, Neil David, is very dangerous. It knows it can't take Tabby; she's grown stronger because of you, but it now knows that Tabby has become a weakness to your uncles and Rita. They love Tabby and spoil her because she is the child they always wanted but could never have. That's why it was so easy for Neil David to take Tiny,"

"What do I do?" Boy needed to know.

"What you've always done," Victoria said. "Stay strict and firm as you've always been and continue to give aloha when it needs to be given. That's all you need to keep your family safe,"

Boy couldn't believe it was his mother, as real as she ever was. It was emotional of course. "I love you mom, I miss you and Papa everyday,"

"We're never far from you Boy," Victoria wiped the tears from her son's cheeks. "Look at you, at all you've become? You're a father to that girl and you've done a good job in raising her. To your uncles and Rita, you are son to them and you take such good care of those three. On top of that, you have the office to run. You shoulder so much my son, and yet you never take time for yourself. Why haven't you found love?"

Boy paused. The answer didn't come right away because Boy needed to gather himself before he replied. "I can't bring myself to love someone that much,"

"Why not?" Victoria asked.

"Because the last time that happened, Papa died. Then you died, the next day; I'm afraid to. I can't," Boy said.

"If you want to vanquish that spirit once and for all, that's what you're going to have to do. You can't fight evil with more evil, you can only fight it with aloha," Victoria said. "Aloha is not weakness, it IS the light."

"Ok mom," Boy nodded. "I'll do that,"

"Oh," Victoria had one last thing to say before she left her son to his duty. "Your father tells me that you tried to use Kupaku one time to bring his spirit back? Is that true?"

"No," Boy laughed to himself. "I used a ouija board,"

"WHAT? HANSON!" Victoria scolded him.

"It's okay mom," Boy assured her. "Uncle Tiny caught me and he gave me dirty lickins,"

"Good for you!" Victoria exclaimed. "What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't," Boy said. "Which is why I got what I deserved,"

Victoria stepped forward and took her son in her arms and held him tight. "Hard head, just like your father,"

"And tough like you," Boy kissed his mother on the forehead and slowly she faded into the dark shadows and dim light. In the blink of an eye, Boy's spirit stood outside the door of the office building. The one that led to the bird cage elevator. He floated up to the second floor and entered his office where his body lay on the couch, covered with various kinds of ferns and ti leaf while wires, and tubes in his body connected to one main machine that beeped in marked time. Uncle Ivan, Tiny, Rita and Tabby gathering around Boy performing the kupaku. Serah sat near the monitor watching the readings. Everything seemed normal until Boy noticed something about Serah. She was extremely pale and her skin appeared to have a sheen on it, almost like a translucent slime. She looked up, made eye contact with Boy and smirked. It was Neil David, he possessed Serah's body. As much as he tried to warn his family, they couldn't hear him. They had no awareness as to his prescence and through Serah's body, Neil David delighted in his evil plan. be continued

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