Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 25, 2022

Rizals 2022

"We each have our own car, but the Cadillac belongs to Jose," Junior said while removing the soaked rag from the water bucket.

"I've got a 2014 Dodge Charger, Oscar has the Hummer, and Manny has a Suburban, but for business, we take the Cadillac,"

"Like today," Manny said. "We all got here in the Cadillac,"

"To perform this exorcism," Oscar chimed in as he secured Pryor Kamaka to the old barber's chair. Pryor's hands were tied around the wrists behind the backrest, while feet were bound and tied around the footrest. Pryor was blindfolded for everyone else's sake, not because the Rizal brothers didn't want him to see anything. 

"Honestly, this looks like waterboarding," Boy said.

"Holy waterboarding," Jose told Boy as he motioned his hand to Manny, who placed the soaked rag in his hand. Spreading it out and laying it over Pryor's face, Jose nodded to Junior, who began pouring the bucket of holy water on it. Pryor's body jumped and shook violently while a popping sound from his body pierced the air. "The thing possessing him is literally popping his joints," Oscar said. A thick white smoke rose from Pryor's flesh and floated to the ceiling, hovering there as if it were deciding what to do next. 

"Tell us what we want to know," Oscar demanded while removing the soaked rag from Pryor's face. "Tell us or we'll keep this up all night,"

"Who sent you?" Manny removed his blessed karambit knife, inserted its tip into Pryor's flesh, and raised it off the bone. The screaming voices which rose from Pryor's body were that of the many that had a hold of his body. The Rizals had the thing where they wanted it. 

"It is he who was unable to kill her the first time," the almost harmonic choruses of many voices replied. "She was the only one that got away and lived. He wants her completely so that she can become like him, like his daughter,"

"Whose daughter?" Oscar calmly demanded. 

"Even now, he is going there to take her," the many voices confirmed. "To take the daughter,"

"Who are you talking about?" Oscar asked again, signaling Manny to raise the flesh off the bone again. The screams were worse this time, but when they finally subsided, the things holding Pryor's body prisoner replied.

"The daughter," he confirmed. "Tabby,"

Oscar tossed the open wet rag on Pryor's face and grabbed the bucket from Manny, pouring the rest on top of the rag as the things that had a hold of his childhood friend's body choked and gagged finally died from the holy waterboarding. Boy was already exiting the large abandoned in his car, Manny, Oscar, and Junior grabbed hold of Pryor's body and stuffed it in the trunk of the Cadillac while Jose had the car running and ready to go. The Rizal brothers had to catch up with their boss and get to the office with him. They couldn't let him go it alone. Especially Jose, he couldn't let the love of his life come to any harm. be continued

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