Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 26, 2022

Pryor Kamaka 2022

Pryor Kamaka was a prodigy at his westside school and the hope for his family and community's future.

It's what happens when you don't have a 183 IQ or a natural talent for everything. You either hate the person that does, or you pin all your hopes and dreams on that person and try to live vicariously through them. Pryor excelled early in life so that by the time he was thirteen, he was already a freshman at the University of Hawai'i. He was there on a full-ride scholarship and had received his bachelor's degree at his high school graduation. By his sophomore year in college, he would have gotten his master's degree and, two years following that, his Ph.D. At least, that was the hope and the trajectory. Which is why no one foresaw Pryor's suicide coming. He led the perfect life with many friends and a budding social life in the evenings. He was the darling of the school administration, and it was because of him that more institutions donated money to the school. Which why it was such a surprise that Pryor Kamaka chose the busiest time on campus to go to the roof of Frear Hall to jump to his death. The how and why of it were not important to the Rizal Brothers. What was important was what happened to Pryor Kamaka after he died. Something had taken possession of his body and began to wreak havoc on campus. Everything was kept quiet for as long as the campus could manage until the Rizal brothers arrived. After they subdued Pryor with a blessed blanket made from pineapple fiber, the brothers took him to an abandoned warehouse in the uplands of Kunia. On the way, they contacted Boy, their boss, who met them at the location. 

"A dead body reanimated by a spirit," Boy nodded. "It's been a while since I've seen that, but this is your case. You and your brothers go ahead,"

"I just wanted to ensure that you knew we were working with a dead body, not a living person," Jose told his boss.

"Isn't there a term for violating a dead body or something?" Junior asked.

"Hey, stay out of the rabbit hole, alright?" Oscar slapped his baby brother on the shoulder.

"This is not a rabbit hole; I'm just asking a question," Junior said.

"It's a means to an end, right, boss?" Manny asked.

"Just proceed with your plan," Boy directed the brothers. "Let's see what happens."


"It's Necrophilia, by the way," Junior said. "I saw it online on time while I was researching information for the federal government,"

"Stop talking and drive," Jose said. 

"Rabbit hole, that's what I keep saying," Manny shook his head.

"Well, no," Oscar began. "If you look at it, there's a lot of similarities with this Pryor Kamaka and Junior. Both are very smart and have their heads far up their asses."

"Shut up," Junior shot back. "If it wasn't for me, we wouldn't be able to obtain and maintain the cars we have. Like when I had to go to the DMV and use my charm to get us free safety inspection stickers!"

"I went to the DMV to renew our registrations, and you can only get safety inspection stickers at the gas station down the street from our house," Manny growled.

"Drive the car," Jose flicked Junior behind his ear. "We can't let the boss get there by himself!"


The Rizal brothers pulled up just as Boy got out of his car and headed to the birdcage elevator, where he directed Kealoha to cover the back entrance while he and the Rizals took the stairs. Unfortunately, they didn't find anyone when they cleared the hallway, the lobby, and the office. The building was empty. 

"Strangely, no one is in the building, but their cars are here," Jose said to Boy.

"The roof," Boy confirmed. The five men took the fire escape and headed up to the roof of the building. They found Ivan, Rita, and Tabby to be a bit beat up when they got there. 

"Uncle Tiny, no!" Tabby pleaded. "Fight it, fight it!"

Tiny's eyes were not his; they belonged to someone else, someone who only knew how to inflict pain. With a smile that told Boy and Tabby that they had lost whatever remained of Tiny's soul, the bull of a man they knew that feared nothing ran toward the roof's edge and leaped to his death. It all happened so fast that there was nothing anyone could do. be continued

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