Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 10, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #22


I had no time to react, I only had time to open my front door at ten in the morning and realize that the inside of my place was pitch black even though I'd left the windows and the curtains open. By all accounts, my living room should have been flooded with sunshine.  I made the mistake of reaching just inside the door to the left in order to flick the light switch on. That's when it grabbed me by the wrist and threw me across the length of my living room where I hit the wall full force and got the wind knocked out of me.
It didn't even give me a second to think, it grabbed me by my shirt and beat the shit out of me and threw me to the ground like a rag doll. Now, it sat on my chest and had my arm pinned to the side, it felt like I was being smashed by a concrete block that weighed a ton. I couldn't reach my gun, all I could do was breath and stay calm and take the ass-whuppin' I was getting until it let me go. Bad mistake, it or he or whatever the fuck, wasn't gonna let up anytime soon so I finally screamed something incomprehensible and then it let go and it laughed. It was the only window I had to make a mad dash for my couch. Of course, it was pitched black and I couldn't see shit but I'd lived there long enough that I knew where everything was. I felt the cushions on the couch and flipped it over and started running my hands along the underside, there it was! My Heckler & Koch mp5 9mm submachine gun; I had just enough time to grab the weapon and clip and roll out of the way before I felt a huge gust of wind come right past me and smash the couch into splinters. I was up on my feet and I sprayed my place in a counter-clockwise circle and rolled again toward my front door and tore it open. At last, sunshine and light flooded my living space, that front door was the only way in and the only way out and everything was completely demolished, no one except for myself was there. Whatever it was, it was huge, and looking at the size of the entrance to my bathroom it wouldn't have fit in there. Without warning, my refrigerator started to vibrate and then it came shooting across the floor in my direction. I literally had to dive out of the way, I ran out to the driveway and got in my car and took off without even knowing where I was going. I got out onto Date street and was heading toward Kapahulu when something grabbed me from under my chin and tried to pull me in the back seat, my training allowed me to let that happen so that I was able to go with the movement and land in a seated position where I lay down a suppressive round of fire in the interior of my vehicle. I kicked the left side door open and rolled out onto the sidewalk while my car veered to the left and came to rest up against the fence of the Kaimuki high school football field. I hid my weapon in my waistband and covered it up with my shirt, making my way up Mahaiai street, I took the overpass that went by the Mo'ili'ili cemetery. Reaching in my pocket I was relieved to know that my cell phone was not destroyed because I had to make a call. It rang once on the other side and then picked up, "Hello?"

"I have to come in, I just got my ass beat by something I couldn't see and couldn't kill," I could only imagine how I must have looked to passersby but I didn't realize just how badly I'd been beaten. I was only working on adrenaline and fumes. I'm sure I was going to feel it later.

"Are you driving?" The voice asked.

"No, I'm walking. In fact, I'm passing the Japanese cemetery in Mo'ili'ili," It hurt to breathe, I only realized that now, and it hurt to walk.

"Go into the cemetery and wait, I'll be right there," The instructions were specific and so I hobbled into the Japanese cemetery and sat on the stairs of the monument and waited. I had my hand on the trigger of my mp5 just in case, the last thing I remember is seeing the black crown imperial pulling into the lane of the cemetery. I must have blacked out after that because when I woke up I was laying on the soft leather sofa in the lobby of Boy's office.

"Kealoha went and got your car and parked it in the back, he also went to your place. In your car and at your place he found two of the same items. A small bamboo container with finger bones in both, and a bright lime green road crew shirt," Boy opened up the shirt so that I could see it. It had a very familiar logo on it, "Ka'ula's Road Crew"

"The finger bones in the bamboo container is a curse if you don't already know, but I don't understand the shirts?" Boy asked.

"The shirts are my actual shirts that I wore as part of an undercover contract I did on Kaua'i, it didn't go the way I planned but I finished the job and left a few extra bodies along the way," I spit up blood at that point but Boy assured me that they were going to heal me with la'au lapa'au methods.

"My office is a Pu'uhonua so you'll be safe here, but someone is out for revenge. Do you have any idea who it might be?" Boy asked in that way which told me that he as well as I, already knew the answer.

"Yeah, it's Analia Ka'ula, Henry's daughter, the guy who got in the way," I had to breathe slowly because of my fractured ribs. Just then Boy handed me a mirror so I could get a look at myself. Shit, broken orbital bones which explains my eye being swollen shut. Patches of hair on my head pulled out, my ear hanging on by threads of flesh and blood everywhere. Let's not even mention my clothes which were torn to shreds.

"You don't study Lua do you?" Boy had a look of dire concern on his face all of a sudden.

"Never had the means while growing up you know?" I chuckled just to make things a bit lighter but that just made my ribs hurt even more. "Maybe you should not say things where I have to answer."

"It's just that this curse.....this beating you's almost the same thing that Lua practitioners go through just before they achieve the rank of 'Olohe. They are visited by a flesh and blood master in the deep dark of night who comes to test them or it's an 'Olohe who is no longer of the flesh that comes to test them. It's a horrendous battle because it lasts for most of the night, it's life or death and the only way to survive, is to come out alive. This is different, but I have an idea of where it comes from and who to talk to," Boy excused himself and assured me that he'd be right back, in my mind, I figured out why this curse was so brutal. Analia liked me, she had feelings for me. Of course, it didn't help that I killed her parents and her brother but all I could think of right now was revenge, but first I had to get over this fear of something invisible that could kill me the second I stepped out of this building.

To be continued...................

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