Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 15, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #17


"...Aia la 'o Pele I Hawai'i ea..."

Other than the gathered information that we have today from such scholars as Mary Kawena Puku'i and Nathaniel Bright Emerson, Malo, 'I'i, and others, there are also lesser known accounts of normal everyday people meeting an old Hawaiian woman or a beautiful young girl under the most unusual circumstances.
Normally, the Hawaiian woman in whatever incarnation she is pleased to assume is in need of some sort of service, be it a ride or a morsel of food or drink. In every instance, once the ride is offered or the food has been given the Hawaiian woman disappears. That has been the pattern for as long as I can remember, but what is the purpose of the visit itself? What is Pele trying to tell us or what are we proving to Pele by offering the ride or giving the food? No matter what the reason may be, the one thing I know for certain is that the earth consuming woman does as she pleases and who is brave enough or foolish enough to stop her?

"...Ke ha'a mai la i Maukele eia..."

She bore a tremendous responsibility by sailing her entire 'ohana from the south pacific and up north to the fabled homeland. Guided only by her eldest and most sacred brother Kamohoali'i the king of sharks, she came upon a pae 'aina or archipelago which she traversed from east to west with each island bearing her mark, that of a newly dug volcano. Each time the earthly fires were put out by her eldest sister Namakaka'okaha'i, was each time that Pele escaped just in time to flee to another island and dig a new pit of fire. It was only at Maui where she made her last stand and fought her sister to the death where she would eventually lose her life, for her sister is the goddess of the ocean. Her bones were cast in a place called, 'Ka'iwi 'o Pele', her family subsequently took those bones and deified her and on the island of Hawai'i, she was transfigured into a diety or the goddess of the volcano.

"....'Uhi 'uha mai ana ea, ke nome a'e la ia Puna ea..."

Years after Pele appears in many legends as either a beautiful young girl or a wrinkled old woman, she sometimes makes her presence known when a contest of skill or wits is being held just so she could try her own luck. If you win against Pele don't be boastful because she will become upset and more likely try to kill you. However, if she likes something you are doing, she will manifest herself in order to make it known. These past two nights I appeared at the KMC to share ghost stories with the good people of Hilo, the scaring was going along quite well I might say when suddenly the entire building rattled from stem to stern and port to aft. The audience sat in stunned silence at first and then they broke out into wild applause, I assured them that I could not take the credit but that it was more than likely that Tutu Pele wanting to join in on the fun and scare them too....and she did. I gave her my aloha and thanks for making such an opportunistic appearance, the show continued on until the night ended with more shared stories and laughter. Mahalo Tutu no kou aloha palena'ole!

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