Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 22, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #10


As I have before written, the news of the world which exists outside the four sanctified walls of my office often times crosses the worn smooth surface of my koa wood desk more than I care to mention.
Such news describes a case in which a group of men traversing a popular hiking trail late one evening came across a deluge of vandalism so horrible that they felt compelled to call one of the local news stations for help.
Sacred rocks and trees were spray painted in a stand out white color to such a degree as to have the color destroy the moss-covered rocks which were a part of the trail for hundreds of years. The men who found the horrible disparagement were regular patrons of the trail who conducted paranormal investigations and were more than happy to participate in the cleanup. A noble effort by all parties involved, and a feather in the cap of both groups.


Three days ago, a parcel arrived on my desk. No return address seemed to be listed except for the word, 'Anonymous' which was penned in black ink marker. Within the contents of the parcel was a cell phone with a small note attached to the screen which read, 'Play,' turning the device on and playing the video which was recorded on the phone proved to be very interesting but I was not at all  certain why it was sent to me, not until the end of the video. A similar colored note was held up to the phone's camera which contained an address on it. At the bottom of the note was another cryptic message, 'Be there at 3 am'


At precisely the hour of the three in the depths of the Hawaiian night, the leader of the paranormal investigative team and the men who helped clean the filthy graffiti from the previous location as mentioned on the news appeared at the aforementioned address. Armed with flashlights and plastic pails filled with spray paint cans, the men spread out and began to remove the covers of said spray paint cans in an attempt to deface the age-old structure which sat in the middle of the forest. The bright moon above lent ominous shadows to manifest within the confines of the entangled branches of Hao, these are the same shadows from which I emerged and approached the group. They were taken aback to see someone dressed in a coat and tie walking toward them in such a place as this one, known to be inhabited by forest spirits and night marchers. All were frozen as they stood watching my pace and waiting for the devil to do his work as it were. They eyed one another not knowing what to make of or expect from a darkly dressed anomaly of a Hawaiian man who by all accounts was out of his element, I'm certain that the scene itself was entirely disconcerting to them. I removed the cell phone from my pocket and pressed play on the video and held it up for them to see, they stepped forward and eyed the video recording very closely. Their faces turned pale and now the men appeared to be like children, caught in the act of stealing from the cookie jar.

"Heroes to the public who cleaned graffiti from sacred rocks and a tree, praised by the public for your efforts. Yet on this video, it appears that this act of vandalism was committed by yourselves, the very ones who took credit and adulation for a mess that you made," I said to them.

As expected, rather than be apologetic and asking for forgiveness, they were unrepentant and arrogant. One among them called the others to attack me so that they could not be discovered by means of the video on the cell phone which I now held. I stepped back within the confines of the structure and waited until they all surrounded me. They were in the perfect spot, without warning there was a loud chattering which took on the sound of children involved in excited conversations, it was a cacophony of eagerness and a glee and it approached closer and closer. The group of men was unsure as to what they should do, but of what use was their issue to remain undecided for along with the sound of laughter, the forest around us was now filled with little fiery glowing torch lights which now rushed forward like a flood. I stepped back, and let the thousands of little torch lights surround the men who were stricken with utter fear, for now, they saw them, little fully formed human beings holding on to torchlights, spears, and other handmade weapons. The little magical ones wore a look of deadly anger on their faces, all the while glaring at the group who created profit from misery, they were the Menehune.

I tossed the cell phone at the leader of the group and the second he caught it I walked away, leaving the Menehune to their business. The deafening chatter of the ancient magicians of the night drowned out the agonizing screams of the miscreants who deserved their fate, all I did was arrange the meeting.

Hanson Boy Napualawa

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