Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 14, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #18


The combination of the rain and fog came on like a rushing high tide as a small succession of waves battered the sides of a skip or rowboat. It gives you this uneasy anticipation that soon all of the smaller waves will suddenly gather itself and become one big massive wall of water that will wipe you out completely from existence.
There was a lull in between the ambient noise of 80's songs playing on the radio, songs that reached out from a younger time where ghosts, spirits, and otherworldly beings were the least of my worries. "Such a simple time", I thought to myself. A time where I was not weathered and worn by the ravages of unspeakable things that lurk just beyond the light. My wife sat next to me reviewing her photos while our host and his wife drove along the meandering path that would lead us out of the volcanoes national park.

I was taking the opportunity to decompress and empty my mind so that all that I had done and said at the venue would be left there, lingering in the ether. A great night at a venue makes for even greater conversations afterward when everyone is gathered around a table at Ken's indulging in a large bowl of Saimin or a mountainous plate of kimchee fried rice. Don't misunderstand, we did have a great night and the audience was filled with wonderful people. It's what lingered in the air above them that troubled me, it was like a dark rain cloud teasing and toying that it would burst forth with torrential rain but never does, however it was the potential of it intention that was most worrisome. This shadow toyed with me through out the entire show as if it were going to do something to someone in the audience. How do you stand on a stage and look at a theater filled to capacity with people knowing that something evil might possibly try to harm them? Something which floated just a foot above their heads?

As a storyteller, inspiration finds you at the most unusual moments when you least expect it and so inspiration found me in the middle of a story where a specific kind of prayer was a key element. That prayer I used specifically to direct to the shadow that was not only lingering in the air, but had now invited other shadows to fill the entire room. It began to take the shape of faces which peered
out from the walls and ceiling, it took the shape of arms reaching out with wide spread fingers at the end. They were everywhere, the more the prayer took on a crescendo like fever pitch, the more things made themselves known through the shadow. When the prayer reached a height that it could no longer ascend, the shadow retracted itself into a whirlpool and disappeared into the ceiling. Immediately afterward, I was drained and became dizzy, the audience was blurry and out of focus and it felt as if something squeezed the back of my neck so that the blood would be cut off to my brain.

Then the sensation was gone as if it were never there.


The fog came across the front of the vehicle like little waves in a pond trying to reach the shore, my friend and his wife shared simple conversations and yelled at a vehicle that drifted into our lane. My wife rifled through a few photographs which she took last night and shared one particular pic with me. Does it verify what I just shared or was it a trick of the light?

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