Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 26, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #6


In 1902 the board of health wanted to close unsanitary cemeteries in Honolulu, graves were dug too shallow and most times they were unmarked. Sometimes digging a grave would inadvertently uncover two coffins in one spot. Cemeteries were overcrowded with poor drainage, however, people were against closing cemeteries and Honolulu was running out space for burials.

Fast forward, 2017, a new condominium is built in Kaka'ako and one of its main features is a playground with a large sandbox, attached to it is a pre-school daycare center. It is a boon to parents with jobs and single working mothers, but it isn't long before the children who play in the sandbox begin to develop sores with oozing pus all over their bodies. High fevers set in and the children become bedridden and some linger near death. No one can figure out why nearly all the children who live in the building are so sick. That is until one day some of the older kids are digging furiously in the sandbox when they discover what appears to be an old wooden box, soon they realize it's an old coffin. The authorities are called and they find several more caskets buried in and around the sandbox, they remove the lids from all the caskets and find the remains of several children stuffed into each one, all dead from smallpox.

Mysteries of Hawaii’s Ghost Hunters Midnight Tour

Saturday, October 28
The meeting place will be revealed once you purchase your ticket through PayPal so be sure to pay attention when your transaction is complete!
Time:  11:45pm
Cost:  $40 per person
We’ll meet just before the witching hour at a very special haunted spot. Listen to some of the scariest stories from Hawaii and learn a little-haunted history as well.
*Get in the spirit and come dressed as your favorite Haunted Character!

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