Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 28, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #4


Over the course of their relationship, Gary Miyashiro and Roberta Yamaoka developed a particular penchant for taking nude pictures and videos of one another where they would download them on their computer for later viewing together. They found their pleasure through a pre-recorded kind of voyeurism.
Sometimes the pictures and videos were not posed like a tableau but random, like Gary taking a shower or Roberta laying on her stomach naked while sleeping. Sometimes the pictures and the videos were like works of art and it was obvious that both Gary and Roberta put a lot of thought and preparation into it, but no matter what the effort was, the couple always ended the night with having sex while watching videos which they recorded of themselves having sex. The one bedroom apartment was quaint for their needs but the time had come when they had saved enough money to buy their own place, so they decided to live in a condominium off of Judd Street across from 'O'ahu Cemetery. It seemed to be the perfect place for them, open, spacious and filled with the winds which filtered down Nu'uanu from the Pali. They continued with their lives and careers, both doctors but at different hospitals. Their penchant for recording pictures and videos of one another in nature's clothing continued unabated. There was more natural lighting and more space and the view of the green valley in the background made for stunning poses, however, the pair were only able to download the videos and pictures but were never able to look at them until much later since they were both called into work.

Forty-eight hours later while viewing their work, the pair were in for a stunning surprise when in their pictures and video was a young fair-skinned local woman who seemed to be in all of their recordings. She was soaking wet from head to toe as she wore a dark green fitted sleeveless top and a matching knee-length skirt. Her hair was put up in a high tight bun and on her face was a scowl that told Gary and Roberta that they were not welcome. Immediately, they called their real estate agent and the building manager and got them together for a meeting. It was revealed that a young girl who worked at a downtown office came home one day from work and for some unknown reason, drowned herself in her bathtub in the same place where Gary and Roberta were now living. A year went by and no one was interested in the unit, but neighbors would say they could hear the television set with the volume turned up really loud or at other times they could hear people having conversations but more consistent were the sounds of a woman weeping mournfully as if the end of the world had arrived at her doorstep. Her body was found when her brother and his wife came to visit and no one would answer the door, they called her cell phone and there was no answer either. They finally found her body when the real estate agent came and brought the key. The brother would later say that it was beyond his comprehension as to why his sister would take her own life when she had everything going for her?

That left Gary and Roberta with nothing to go by and they were so nervous that the ghost of this young woman might appear in their pictures and videos again that they discontinued the practice. Of course, that wouldn't mean that the ghost ceased in making herself known. Often times, when Roberta would leave for work, Gary would feel someone who he thought was Roberta getting into bed but when he opened his eyes there wouldn't be anyone there physically, but Gary would always find that Roberta's side of the bed was soaking wet. On another occasion, Roberta returned from work after a two-day shift and immediately went to soak in the tub. As she let the hot water soothe all the muscles and stress from her body, she suddenly felt a breathy whisper in her ear, "Should I wash your back?"
Roberta screamed and fell all over herself trying to get out of the tub because she found that the young woman in the green dress was seated behind her in the tub. The last straw came when Gary and Roberta had a moment to make love before leaving for work, at the most inopportune time the young woman's ghost appeared sitting at the edge of the bed as she watched intently. It was Gary who saw the ghost first and screamed as he jumped off of the bed and tumbled to the floor, Roberta lay there petrified and couldn't move. The ghost of the young woman crawled up the length of the bed until she hovered over Roberta's naked body, eyeing it as if it were some kind of prize. She licked her lips and inhaled just inches away from Roberta's lips and then faded into a wisp of smoke and the pores of Roberta's skin literally drank in the unearthly cloud. Roberta then got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom and locked the door from the inside. No matter how Gary tried, he could not open the door, but after a few minutes, the bathroom door clicked open and there was Roberta laying in the tub submerged under the surface of the water.

She'd drowned.


Tamara and her husband Mel jumped up and down with glee as they took their first selfie together in their new Judd Street condominium. Both of them screamed and dropped the cell phone when they saw what appeared to be two ghosts behind them, one a young woman in a soaking wet green dress and the other soaking wet and naked. They were eyeing Tamara as if she were some kind of meal to be had, ready to be eaten.

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