Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 24, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #8


Very recently a group of teenagers from Kalihi told me that they found a unique way to play the Ouija board. They said that rather than use a planchette, you use a cell phone instead and as you ask the board a question, the cell phone moves to the corresponding letters on the board. It will cause each letter to appear on the cell phone in the form of a text message.
For example, the teenagers said that they ventured to a cemetery in town with a large banyan tree in the middle and that it was there under that tree that they played their modified version of the Ouija Board. Once there and seated, they began playing the game and the question which they addressed to the board was, “How will each of us die when the time comes?”
The cell phone began to move under their fingers as it approached eight letters and spelled out the text, “Together” squealing and nervous shifting radiated throughout the group. “Why are we going to die together?” Came the next question. The cell phone moved under their fingers as they all touched the outer edges of the device until it spelled out, “Murder.”
Everyone eyed one another as the hesitation mounted and no one wanted to pursue the next question, but one girl blurted it out before anyone could stop her, “How are we going to die if we collectively committed the murder?”
The cell phone moved eagerly as if it could not wait to spell out the answer but the letters which were spelled out were incomprehensible, no one understood it. It spelled out, “SEPOR” and that ended the game. The Kalihi teenagers revealed that they had purposely run into me to not only share their Ouija board story, but they also wanted to know what “SEPOR” was supposed to mean? The group collectively felt that if they were meant to be arrested for murder, they should at least know their fate, but “SEPOR” gave them no mercy, they could not decipher the mysterious code from the other side. At that moment, I asked them for their cell phone which they used in place of the planchette on the board, the leader of the group provided the device and I bid them follow me to the bathroom. Once we were crowded around the bathroom mirror I asked the leader of the group to produce the confusing text on the phone, which he did in no time at all. I then took the cell phone and held it up to the mirror with the strange word on the screen. In the reflection of the mirror, “SEPOR” became “ROPES” and that was allegedly how they were going to die together, by hanging. The majority of them gasped in horror while some backed up to the wall and others cried.

It turned out that the Banyan tree where they played the modified Ouija board game was where criminals were lynched and hung to death for one reason or another, even rogue animals who happen into the cemetery know well enough to not sit under that tree.

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