Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 18, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #14


This is my story and at this point in my life, it was recommended by my friend Lopaka Kapanui that perhaps now may be a good time to begin transposing my thoughts from the proverbial pen to paper. The question is, where do I begin? It should be prudent that I start with my most recent case so that you can get a sense of who I am and what I do. In the process, you may come to like me or you may come to despise me, in whatever way you arrive at your conclusion, you will at least be able to say that I was truthful and honest.
The world I live in is filled with mysticism and intrigue, but there are also moments of sheer brutality which will cause you to close your eyes and look away. However, I am also a man who highly values family, loyalty, and tradition. This is just a pinch of salt of which I sprinkle over this story in order to seduce its true taste to come forth, along with it will come the grease and fat that only serves to enhance the ecstasy of its conclusion. Shall we?


A young woman who lived near He'eia kea for all of her life was now an adult and sharing rent in a house with a few roommates. They were all aged in their twenties and were students during the day and workers of different occupations and lifestyles in the evening. The weekend parties at their home took up most of their time as frivolity and pleasure was always the immediate point of gratification. The young woman whose name is Malina was no different, although she was the responsible party of the household, her jobs and personal troubles were always relieved by alcohol and other substances which numbed her physical and mental facilities, at least temporarily. On a normal weekend of binge drinking and keg contests, one of the roommates brought home a friend who unknown to everyone was on a weekend furlough from a halfway house just up the road from O.C.C.C. The roommate introduced his friend around until it finally came Malina, his name was Jeremy Kokio. He was rough around the edges but the two were immediately attracted to one another and from the moment that they shook hands, their fates were sealed.

Jeremy spent the weekend at the He'eia kea home and he and Malina were inseparable and when the time came for Jeremy to leave, he was already seated in his friend's car when Malina insisted that she be the one to bring Jeremy home. Jeremy assured Malina that it was alright and that he'd be back the following weekend, Malina could not be persuaded otherwise. In less than a few minutes, she was on the route towards the Wilson tunnel, spriting Jeremy back to his home. Her smile would not abate and she found herself continuously apologizing for being so forward after only knowing Jeremy for a weekend but Jeremy assured her that it was alright. A short time later Malina's vehicle was on North King Street taking a right turn down Gulick Avenue. In accordance with Jeremy's directions, Malina dropped him off in the parking lot of a run-down apartment building. Hungry for a kiss, she grabbed Jeremy and kissed him for a long while before he was finally able to say his goodbyes but not before she placed a piece of paper with her phone number on it in his pocket. The drive home was filled with thoughts of this exciting person who fulfilled all of her desires and spoke to her as if she were a real person and not just a body with which to exact his male lust upon. Malia floated from her car and into her house when she noticed her roommate Erin sitting on the couch, Erin had a bit of news which she felt Malina needed to know. Her friend Jeremy lived in a halfway house after being in prison for five years for theft and drugs and Erin felt that it was only right that Malina knew because they were more than roommates, they were friends. Not wanting Malina to get her hopes up, Erin told her not to depend on her weekend tryst with Jeremy to be anything more than what it was.
Malina had been through many unsuccessful relationships but this one for some reason, left a deep effect on her and she could not let go of it. To Malia's dismay, however, Jeremy never called but one day Erin received something in the mail, it was from Jeremy. He'd been stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight at the halfway house but it was a ruse meant to get him to stop the fight, he'd been the intended victim all along. Erin was the only next of kin that Jeremy identified and a letter describing the circumstances of his demise was wrapped around something which sat in the middle of a small brown box. It was a Ki'i (Tikki) image which resembled a woman, on the top of its head was long, thick strands of human hair, there was nothing else which explained what the image was for or why it was sent. The ki'i image was unsettling to Erin and so she placed it back in the box and left it under her bed, the note she took to Malina and let her read it. Her heart was broken and she retreated to her bedroom for several days where she seemed to have a pall over her, it seemed to follow her wherever she went around the house.

A month later she had come home from work and all of her roommates were seated in the living room eating a late night snack and watching television. Seeing Malina standing in the foyer after taking her shoes off caused her roommates to shriek in terror, even after Malina came into the living room space to ask what was the matter, her roommates jumped off of the couch and chairs, retreating with pure horror as she approached. They were not at all certain that it was truly Malina who was now standing in front of them, for not more than a second previous, the group said that Malina sat briefly with all of them on the couch, expressing her grief over Jeremy's untimely passing. She then thanked all of them for being such good friends and retired to her bedroom. A second later, they would Malina again, the exception was that she was now dressed in a business suit and not a pair of beat up sweatpants and an old Yale letterman's shirt. Erin and the rest of the roommates followed Malina down the hallway to her bedroom only to find that the door was locked, upon opening it very carefully, the five who lived in the house found that Malina's bedroom was empty, the only difference being that her bed looked as if someone had been laying in it.

More incidents of the same variety took place at the He'eia kea home, the occupants would see Malia in the yard, or in the kitchen, or in one case while Erin and her girlfriend were caught up in the throes of lovemaking, they saw Malina standing at the foot of their bed, knowing full well that Malina was fast asleep in her own room. The clinch came a year later when Malina was finally able to date again, her new boyfriend whom she met at an annual party for her office, was the person who catered the dinner. One night while she and her new boyfriend Javier lay on her bed with her sitting on top of him, Javier suddenly let out a scream and pushed Malina off of him as he tumbled to the floor. All the while Javier screamed and pointed just off to the right of Malina, she turned around and saw herself sitting naked at the edge of the bed. Speechless and unable to scream herself, Javier grabbed her as they both ran to his car and drove to the local market up the street, they both left their wallets and phones at home. Javier had some change in his glove compartment and used a pay phone to make a call.


It was 3:13 in the morning when the light on my cell phone began to illuminate my bedroom with its pulsating light. It was Javier Medrano, a friend of mine from Brazil who was nice enough to be my personal Jiu-Jitsu instructor until his catering business took off and become very successful. He came to the office one day for help because he'd found out that a rival Jiu-Jitsu instructor had put a curse on his sister who came down with what the Hawaiians call, "Huli 'O pu." The Portuguese from the old plantation days called it, "Bush." We were able to help relieve the curse from his sister and sent it back to its owner, the rival Jiu-Jitsu school closed down a short time later and the instructor was never seen or heard from again. When I answered the phone, Javier did not sound like his normal jovial self, full of life and humor, instead, he was scared out of his mind. He summarized the entire story as best he could and he said that his girlfriend needed help immediately.
My Imperial Crown is a trustworthy vehicle and it never fails to get me from place to place in the needed amount of time, however, being that the hour was so late, I felt that it was unfair to wake my driver, Kealoha to do that duty for which I pay him, so I drove myself. The location was easy to find once I met Javier and Malina in front of the local market and followed them back to her house. The roommates all stood out in the front yard to Malina's surprise, they'd heard the screams and when they saw Javier and Malina abandon the house and drive off, they figured that they should do the same.

Approaching the roommates I cast red 'alae salt on the lot of them and they shrieked in pain and dissipated into nothing, the real roommates were called by Malina and were already told to abandon the house and wait at the parking lot in front of the local market until she called them back, what we saw was not the roommates. I entered the house and immediately knew where to go, the presence of it was a like a beacon in a storm, it was not difficult to find. I grabbed a dishtowel and wrapped it around my hand as I walked down the hallway to Erin's room. I heard several voices behind me only to see Malina and the other roommates peaking out from their rooms, I cast the red salt at them and there were immediately destroyed. Laying on Erin's floor next to her bed, I reached under and found the box. Once I was out of the He'eia kea home, I lined all the entrances and windows with the red salt, making sure that whatever was in the house would stay there. Javier and Malina rode with me as we returned to the local market parking lot. It was there that I instructed the roommates to follow me to my office.


The group of young people who sat in my office were scared and tired and mentally unnerved, to say the least. It was only then that I removed the ki'i from the box and held it up the group with the dish towel wrapped around my hand. I told Malina and Erin that whoever sent this Ki'i to their home used Malina's hair as a part of an incantation where he could conjure Malina's image for his own personal pleasure. Erin then shared that the ki'i had come from her friend, I stopped Erin and told her that I already knew that, and that the item was sent to her because she was listed as the next of kin after her friend was killed. Malina and her friends were shocked that I knew this after just knowing them less than an hour, Javier guessed that since Erin's friend was suddenly killed he was not able to remove the incantation or chant that gave life to the image, he was exactly right. Which is why Malina's doppelganger or double kept making random appearances in the house. I walked to the corner of my office and opened a large door which was floor to ceiling, in it was the 'ahu or the altar where things like this were taken care of. After performing the proper chants, the ki'i image dissolved in my hands and became as dust, it was done. There would be no more doubles of Malina or anyone else appearing in the He'eia kea home. Before Javier left the office, I placed a note in his pocket and instructed him to read it after he had already stepped out of the building.


After dropping Javier and Malina off at her home, I was able to take in and enjoy the long quiet drive back to town. I will tell you now that I caught a glimpse of Javier opening the note I gave him and I saw a smile come across his face.

"See you on the mat, whenever you want to roll"

This is how my story starts and I suppose we go back to the beginning or we go from here. I'll let you know the next time I write.

Hanson Boy Napualawa

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