Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 16, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #16


Cowards always hide behind fake profile accounts on Facebook, we know this for a fact. We also know that these kinds of internet trolls will never come forward and face their victims one on one. Such as the case of a Peg Freitas who worked at a state office where her boss constantly lived in fear of her because of her caustic personality and disrespect for his position. Her co-workers avoided her and made it a point to not be around whenever the lunch hour came. Other than her job and shopping, her only hobby was trolling people on Facebook.
She'd ruined many lives on social media and even bullied a 14-year-old girl so badly that the poor girl live streamed her own suicide from her account, blaming the person who hid behind the fake account known as 'Flower Child.'

After that, she slit her wrists and bled out in front of everyone, Peg only felt more empowered in the aftermath and sent a bouquet of flowers to the girl's services with no card or envelope. Later on, Peg became enraged when a new clerk in her office refused her sexual advances and told her he was married and was not interested. Even though she'd offered to have quickies with him in the supply closet or on her desk after hours. With her fake account, she began to send him photoshopped pictures to his cell phone depicting himself and another woman in compromising positions. She timed it so that the pics would be sent whenever his wife was around him, needless to say, his marriage was destroyed and his wife left him. Thinking that she had the new guy all to herself, she was ready to offer him all the sex he could handle but he left the office and quit, but not before bringing Peg up on charges of sexual harassment. Because there was no real evidence to support his claims, however, the lawsuit was dropped and Peg got off scotfree. This only served to increase her arrogance and she became even bolder while hiding behind her fake profile and began trolling her boss as well, accusing him of being gay and having an affair with the bosses son, again she photoshopped pictures of her boss and his bosses son in sexual positions. Peg's boss and his boss ended up getting into a fistfight in front of everyone and both men were arrested and taken to jail, As a result, both men were released by their higher up.

Within a month, a Hawaiian man who was a bit older than Peg was hired to replace Peg's boss. Peg was furious because she believed that she was going to get her bosses old job. Outwardly, Peg dotted over her new boss but inwardly, she despised him. It wouldn't be long before Peg used her fake profile to troll her new boss online, his name was Kam Makua and there really wasn't much about him on his profile. Just his picture, no friends, and hardly any posts but Peg went after him very hard, calling him a stupid Hawaiian and asking which mahu he had to sleep with in order to get his job? This went on for six months with no response from Kam online and no response from him in person. One day, when everyone had already gone home from work, Kam peaked out of his office door and invited Peg in to have a seat. Peg appeared highly out of place in her new bosses office because it was decorated with seashells and different kinds of sea life in a few fish tanks, small and large. He gestured to her to have a seat, and he asked her, "Tell me a story,"

"What? She half barked with a sneer on her face.

"Tell me a story," he repeated himself. "Tell me a story of how a woman hides behind a fake social media account and harasses people to the point that she ruins their life with someone committing suicide? Tell me that story Peg."

"I don't know what you mean?" Peg feigned a girl like innocence but her boss would not relent.

"I don't really care about the other people you've hurt Peg because they mean nothing to me in the grand scheme of things, but why would you be stupid enough to come after me?" Kam asked with a building intensity in his eyes. "Peg, don't misunderstand me, I'm not mad at you. I'm confused by your personal attack on me....well because I find you very attractive and your actions are preventing the two of us from getting to know one another. That's the reason I called you in here," Kam scanned her face for some kind of acknowledgment of what he'd just said. Peg was floored because her intention in coming into her new bosses office was to verbally immolate him and leave him in a smoldering heap of sniveling cowardice, but now the ball was in her court. She was curious to see just how far she could go.

"Mr.Makua I don't know how to respond to that, I mean it just caught me off guard," Peg replied once again, pretending to be coy and unsure.

"I'll tell you what Peg, meet me at Kaimana beach in an hour, I'll bring the wine and a few things to snack on and maybe after we can see how things develop, how's that?" His offer was hard to refuse and so after accepting, all she could manage to say was, "Uh huh."


Peg Meadows went home to her small Makiki apartment and took a shower and washed her hair and then applied her favorite perfume. She made sure that there weren't any stubbles on her underarms or anywhere else, she also took extra care to clean herself, and as a measure of caution so that there would not be any awkward moments. She made certain that her top and her skirt would come off easily. Pulling in to the beach park, she saw Kam sitting on a large lauhala mat with plates of snacks and two bottles of red and white wine, she approached him slowly so that when he would be able to take her in as she was, full-bodied and willing. She hadn't even sat down for a second when Kam took her in his arms and kissed her. She did not refuse. Before she knew it, all of her anger, ugliness, and hate melted away. She felt like a new person, not the one that had been weighed down by self-hate and disgust. Kam ravished her body and she was helpless to stop him because she was so dizzy by the pleasure that lit her on fire, it had been so long since she felt this way. She tried to stop him several times because she was not sure if she could endure one more orgasm but it came again and again until her strength was completely drained. It was only then that Kam carried her in his arms and effortlessly walked toward the water. She felt like a feather in the arms of her Hawaiian boss. Practically out of breath, she asked Kam, "Where are we going? Where are you taking me?"

Her boss smiled at her and replied, "I'm going to eat you out."


The following morning on the reef just outside Kaimana beach near the red flag a small group of surfers found the upper torso belonging to Peg Meadows.It was drained of all its blood and completely mutilated. Peg's blue eyes were frozen half open as if she were in the throes of pleasure. From the looks of it, she'd been eaten by a very large shark.

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