Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 11, 2022

Disturb 2022

 My stay at the Waikiki hotel was designed for me to get away for a bit from the droll humdrum everyday nothingness of life.

So I chose a hotel on the edge of Waikiki, away from all the noise and hustle of a property in the middle of the tourist trap destination. The place I found was what I called the middle of the road. Not too swanky and not too much of a dive. Other than all the rooms in my wing of the hotel having do not disturb signs on the doors, it was perfect for what I needed except for the steady knocking on my door throughout the night and well into the sunrise. Each time I opened the door to see who it was, there was no one. The knocking became so frequent that I first stood vigil at the peephole awaiting the perpetrator to appear, but no luck. My second scheme was to hide down the hallway behind the ice machine, but after nearly freezing for an hour, I had to give up the ghost, so to say. Finally, I concluded that the knocking would only be known when I was in the room. This led me to call housekeeping under the guise of needing more towels. When the old Filipino ladies arrived with cart and towels in hand, I made them aware of my situation. Expecting a supernatural panic to overcome them, the two instead removed a 'do not disturb' placard from their cart and dressed the doorknob with it. 

"Just leave the sign on your door, sir," the one woman instructed.

"The ghost won't knock if you have the do not disturb sign," the second one contributed.

And there it was, peace and quiet for the rest of the weekend. I suppose that herein is also the lesson, one that teaches us that the do not disturb sign is not only meant for the living to not disturb us while we are languishing in our vacation juices but that it is also meant for the dead to not disturb us for whatever reason it might be. Now you know.

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