Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 16, 2022

Manaʻopaʻa 2022

 Manaʻopaʻa was an office on the second floor of the one twenty-five-M building on Merchant Street.

A lesser-known solution was offered whenever employees who worked in any of the surrounding buildings experienced conflict with another employee that could not be resolved through counseling. The two employees were given a black business card with the white letter "M." All they had to do was tap the card on their cell phones, and an automatic text appeared with an address and a time. That address was Walker Park. The time was always twelve noon. At the appointed time and place, a Hawaiian man wearing a black suit would be waiting at the park, and upon the arrival of the two men, he presented them with four sizeable sticks made from hao and one moapāheʻe. Then he would have the two employees stand ten to fifteen feet apart, where he would pound the sticks into the grass just deep enough so they would not fall. Then, motioning to the two participants to go over to where he stood, he presented them with a singular moapāheʻe, a tear-shaped wooden dart. "The game is simple; you get one chance to slide the moapāheʻe between your opponent's sticks, right through the middle. If you win, you get one wish granted, any wish you desire. However, the wish works only if the loser agrees to be steamed in the imu. You get nothing from the gods for free,"

"What if we just donʻt want to play the game?" One employee usually asks.

"There's no way out; once you tapped the business card on your phone, the game already began. You've been in it the whole time, and now you have to see it through to the end," the Hawaiian man would always say.

There are still particular kinds of services available where you can resolve an internal conflict between employees if nothing else works, short of termination. But as we also know, 125-M Merchant street does not exist, except in those instances when its services are really needed. 

Credit: Aloha Hula Supply



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