Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 18, 2022

Piholo 2022

 If you locate the beach in the Hawaiian islands with the most drownings, you'll have curiosity seekers and wanna-be paranormal investigators swarming to it.

Take, for instance, Keanalele or Queen's bath on the island of Kaua'i. It's a large tide pool surrounded by igneous rock and is known for the copious drownings that happen far too frequently. But, of course, the tourist rags don't really care because they promote it as THE place to be for all potential visitors to our state. So, as a result, they fail to include the fatal drownings; of course, we certainly can't afford to scare away potential dollars from the state's number one source of revenue. That would be un-American. One day, on a slight stretch of sand a little past Queen's Bath, a visiting couple from Annandale, Minnesota, pulled their rent-a-car over to the side of the road to take a few pictures and get their Minnesotan feet in the sand.

The ocean water was cool and refreshing, giving the couple a moment to exhale a sigh of relief. What a nice vacation, far away from the dredge of everyday life. The wife would later tell the authorities that a wave rose out of the water as if from nothing and completely engulfed her husband from head to toe, and then it was gone. Unfortunately, so too was her husband. He'd disappeared entirely along with the wave. After several days of searching, the rescue teams came up with nothing. The confusing thing is that other people were on that same slight stretch of sand not more than a few feet away from the visiting couple, but they were unaffected by any phantom, rogue wave. Which leaves the question, why was the visiting husband attacked and not others who were in the same place? That question may never have an answer, but here's some information. The husband from Minnesota was a firefighter who failed to save a little boy who drowned in a lake. The guilt was overwhelming, so his wife thought of vacationing in Hawaii. A little time away might help her husband forget about everything for a while since counseling and therapy didn't work. Neither did the vacation. 

Could the mysterious wave that drowned the husband have been a physical manifestation of his guilt? Did the husband feel that the only way he could rectify his failure at saving the drowning boy was to pay for it with his own life? Or might it have been the boy's spirit taking his revenge? We may never know, but drownings in the Hawaiian islands continue to happen, whether by vengeful spirits or by the inability or unwillingness to read a sign, cautioning locals and visitors alike to not enter a place with a reputation for drownings. Read the signs, my friends, literally and spiritually. Read the signs.

Credit: Kauai Family Magazine



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