Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 24, 2022

Seizure 2022

 Many years ago, my cousin Caleb would have these seizures where his eye would roll over, turning pale and then blue.

Then his body would stiffen and slowly vibrate until it shook violently, and then he'd be normal. He'd say strange things after, like he saw grandma Mary who was upset because his mom hadn't taken out the rugs for dusting in months. "Tell her to stop being so goddammed lazy!" Grandma Mary to Caleb to relay the message to his mother. Everyone just chalked up to hallucinations that came as the result of one of his seizures. This went on for years until we were over at my brother-in-law's house on a Sunday. We were sitting down for some Chinese food and watching a video when without any of the usual physical preamble, Caleb went into a total seizure. He was foaming at the mouth, and his entire body went blue, and tepid-smelling water came gushing out. Then in the next second, Caleb came out of it like nothing had happened. He looked his mom right in the eye and said, "Uncle Stanely is drowning, he fell asleep at the wheel, and his car went into lake Wilson. He's drowning right now; if nobody does anything, he'll die." My mom called 911, but at the same time, she turned to Caleb and asked him, "Where at Lake Wilson did Uncle Stanely go into the water?"

"At the masonic lodge," Caleb told her. "Right behind it." My mom made the call, and the EMT and the firefighters got there just in time. My aunt, Caleb's mom, found out that his seizures might have been a spiritual trance he went into, where the other side began communicating with him. But, because none of us knew any better, we assumed it was a seizure. Who would have thought? Now, you know.

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