Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 26, 2022

Mikki 2022

 Andrew was let go from his firm for skimming off the top.

He and his boss had been friends through high school and college for years. They'd been through the thick and thin of it all. So rather than make a big scene, Andrew's boss, Clay, allowed him to resign, and then Clay replaced the company money from a few of his own bank accounts. He was more than merciful because Clay knew that Andrew had a wife and a little boy. He was definitely mad at Andrew, but he didn't want to ruin him. Andrew never told his wife about what happened, so he got dressed in his coat and tie every day and pretended to go to work. Really, he sat at the local bar all-day, or he would get a room at the motel where he'd meet with Mikki, the woman from the office he'd been seeing for a little while. This is where the problem began. The affair itself was fun and exciting, but once Andrew was fired, he realized the mistakes he'd made.

First and foremost, on his mind was to end the affair and fix his life. Mikki wouldn't hear of it. She was more invested in the relationship than Andrew had realized. "I'll take care of you," she told him. "You can move in with me and see your son whenever you want to. You'd have to work that out with your wife."

"Whoa, whoa," Andrew physically pulled away from her. "What are you talking about? I'm not leaving my wife and son. This," he gestured between himself and Mikki. "This is over; everything between you and me is done, not my marriage."

"You tell yourself that," Mikki said while Andrew exited her car and went back into the bar, "but I'm not having it, buddy. Not by a long shot."

In the office, Mikki was not your typical secretary assistant. She was more than that; she was the office. Mikki had her finger on the pulse of everything that happened at the firm. She anticipated the needs and wants of all the partners but, more particularly, the needs and wants of Andrew Kalama. The title was not official, but in reality, Mikki could be the firm's senior partner if she wanted to. However, it was easier to run the kingdom behind the throne than on it. In her private life, she dabbled in many of the dark arts. It was something she picked up while attending an all-girls parochial school and then picking up again in college. However, her true talent for the craft didn't come to fruition until she took a Hawaiian studies class where the professor broached the subject of Kahuna pule 'anā anā. This ancient Hawaiian priestly class prayed for people to die. She was hooked, and from that moment on, she immersed herself in the study of that particular art. Unknown to Andrew, while he cleaned out his desk and office after heʻd been let go, Mikki had taken a picture of him with his wife and son, Analū, from the small frame and slipped it into her purse. She felt that she would need it as insurance if Mrs. Kalama came after Andrew once they were officially together. As the twisted fate would have it, Andrew would be the one to suffer for ending the affair while watching the actual curse work through his son, Analū.

One day, Analū came down with a case of pneumonia that wrecked him so severely that Andrew thought he was going to lose his son. Then, suddenly, it was gone, until it came back again, but worse. Each time it seemed as if it were the end for little Analū, the pneumonia went away, and the little boy was the picture of health. Then, it would come back again. By that time, Andrew was at his wit's end, and out of pure desperation, he brought Analū to his parentʻs house in tears. It was Andrewʻs father ʻĪnea who saw that a curse had been cast on his grandson. He carried the little boy upstairs to his study, where he placed him on the pūneʻe and began to apply kukui oil to his hands. Lomi was done on Analūʻs frail form where his grandfather separated the cartilage from the bones, releasing toxins and the source of the curse. When the truth of the malady came forth, the grandfather saw Mikkiʻs face plain as day. She was struck by the sight of ʻInea Kalamaʻs face and knew that she was dealing with a very powerful Kahuna. So powerful that his mana knocked her clear across her living room. Mikki was bruised and bloody but not dead. This was a warning that Mikki should have heeded but would not. Her anger toward Andrew clouded her judgment, but ʻĪnea would deal with Mikki later. For now, most of the curse had been lifted from his grandson. However, he would have to continue the massage in another hour or two. Meantime, he had everyone, but Andrew and Analū leave his study. Once the room was emptied out and the door was closed, ʻĪnea slapped his son across the face, catching him by surprise. 

"This woman youʻve been sleeping with, sheʻs put a curse on your son. Did you know that, or did you even care?" ʻĪnea demanded.

" did you even know that?" Andrew was shocked.

"This is not the time to play stupid with me, boy; you tell me everything or else youʻre going to lose your son," ʻĪnea was serious; there was no time for stupidity. "Is this woman hāpai with your child?"

"No," Andrew was sheepish, and couldnʻt bring himself to look at his father.

"Then what, Andrew? What could have made you do something so stupid?" His father demanded.

"Weʻd been seeing each other for a while," Andrew confessed. 

"Does Maria have an idea whatʻs going on?" ʻĪnea took a step forward, and Andrew flinched.

"No, she doesnʻt; I was fired from work, dad, for skimming off the top, but Clay didnʻt file any charges. He just had me resign of my own free will and accord," Andrew got quiet. "Thatʻs when Mikki,"

"I donʻt want to hear this womanʻs name Andrew; keep that to yourself," his father groaned.

"Thatʻs when she wanted me to move in with her; she wanted to take care of me until I got back on my feet. She had this whole thing worked out in her head, but I told her no, that it was over," Andrewʻs confession lifted a great weight off his shoulders, but the storm hadnʻt passed just yet.

"Youʻre going to tell your wife everything, and I mean everything," ʻĪnea began.

"But dad, if I do that, sheʻll be pissed," Andrew countered.

"You better hope she doesnʻt kill you, you fucking idiot," ʻĪnea jabbed his finger into his sonʻs chest. "If, by some miracle, she takes you back, you will expend all of your energy to fix your marriage and get your fucking head out of your ass! Does it even matter that it almost cost you your sonʻs life?"

"Dad, I," Andrew began.

"Get out of my face," ʻĪnea pointed to the door.

In due time, the curse that Mikki placed on Analū was not just lifted but sent back to her tenfold. When she was next seen at the firm, her right arm became immobile, known as ʻoniʻole. It crooked inward toward her chest and could not become undone. She became unkempt because she could no longer apply her makeup correctly and have her hair done. Eventually, she was let go. She went kicking and screaming, but she was let go nonetheless, with security having to literally carry her out of the building. Maria, needless to say, was not happy when Andrew told her everything. It took quite a while before she took Andrew back. It took even longer before they could sleep in the same bed together. Finally, Analū fully recovered and became the picture of health. ʻĪnea had his son come work for him, and at the same time, he had Andrew, Maria, and Analū move in. Hinano, Andrewʻs mother, was more than happy to have her little grandson around to spoil and give candy to all the time. ʻĪnea was delighted that his wife was comfortable, and life went on as it does. Years later, after the passing of his grandparents, Analū inherited money that they willed to him, along with their house that was placed in his name. One day, in the same study that once belonged to his beloved grandfather, Analū Kalama would tell his own children and grandchildren about the time that his grandfather saved him from a horrible curse. 

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