Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 19, 2022

Ho'opahulu 2022

The ones that haunt this house are like wisps of smoke that manifest to an almost solid form and fade away like memories that excite your senses but are not genuinely tangible.

Amateur paranormal investigators break into this place now and again, seeking thrills without knowing what they are doing. Then, one of these residual impressions blips in. These ghostly recordings, so to say, repeat themselves on a loop, totally unaware of any presence in the place, human or otherwise. These idiots lose their minds, get wholly unhinged and run screaming for their lives. It cracks me up every time. Then there are those rare groups who come in here and know what the deal is. They are very respectful, and they've done their homework. They see the things that haunt this house, and they don't get freaked out because they know what they're looking at, and they're not here to exploit anything. These are the ones that earn my admiration, so I give them a little rub in return. First, I manifest in whole form so that they can all get some pictures and videos of me. Secondly, I don't let my sudden appearance sink in long enough for the group to have an exciting discussion about it; instead, I possess one of them and put on a big show. You know, the scratchy exorcist-type voice, and then I look each team member in the eye and call them by their first names. It really freaks the shit out of them. You could say that I'm having my way with them before I end the night with a deep guttural, 'Get Out!' before I send them running for their very lives. But, alas, that kind of fun is few and far between. Otherwise, it's just me, the spirit haunting the house in Ocean Pointe that will never sell or stay occupied for too long because of residual energies that everyone mistakes for actual spirits, like myself. I like it that way.



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