Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 10, 2022

Ha'alele 2022

Mom and dad are crying.

They're sad. They couldn't be married anymore because the love was all gone. That's what they told me. I asked them where the love went, and all they said was that one day, it left. It wasn't there anymore. Then, before I could even ask, they let me know that their love for me never took off suddenly and snuck out of the house like theirs did. It feels funny when they loved me by themselves because it was stronger when they loved me together. What was hard was spending time with my mom and dad separately because I didn't like the day ending without us going home as a family. One day, when mom came to pick me up from dad's house, they got into a big argument about scheduling. It was awful because they were calling each other horrible bad names. I ran out of my dad's apartment, and I guess my legs were going faster than what I was used to because I tumbled down the long flight of stairs and got hurt. Mom and dad are crying because I died, but not to worry. I'm a spirit now, and I'll be haunting them for a long while until they finally stop being selfish and realize they love one another. 




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