Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 20, 2022

Stew 2022

Many people, like yourselves, come forward and graciously share your ghost stories and other strange experiences with me.

For this, I am humbly thankful that you trust me enough with your personal accounts of the otherworldly. For instance, many of the great men and women who are EMTs have some of the best tales of scary encounters while on the job. I recall one such person sharing a story like this back in 1981 while I was less than a year out of high school and still wet behind the ears. I sat in my 74 Plymouth Sebring during my break, having my early dinner. Stew was one of our regulars who popped in for a meal after a seventeen-hour shift, right about the same time I was on my hour dinner. He saw me sitting in my car and came by to say hello, and eventually, the conversation led to this tale. "It was one of those, one in a million instances," Stew began. "Clear weather, not a cloud in the sky, an hour before sunset at Waimanalo beach park. Hawaiian boy from up the street, just walking on the beach with some friends, and boom! A lightning bolt comes out of nowhere and strikes him dead on the spot!"

"Whoa," I replied, absolutely stunned at what I heard because Stew never told any tall tales.

"We get the call," Stew continued. "We get there, and this Hawaiian boy has a big black burning hole in the middle of his chest, right? He's gone; there's nothing we can do. By that time, there's already a big crowd gathered, and then this old Hawaiian man with these old shorts on; no shirt, no slippers, he shows up. He tells us to leave the boy alone and that he's gonna fix him. So, respect, you know? Because he's kupuna. He puts both hands on the boy's chest, and he starts chanting in Hawaiian, and I tell you what, I never heard a voice like that before or ever since. So deep, so powerful, like he was radiating mana, I mean, you could feel it! Next thing you know, the Hawaiian boy opens his eyes and starts moving around, and then he starts asking for his parents and everything. The old Hawaiian man looks me right in the eye, and he nods his head and makes room for us to take over. After that, he was gone; I never saw him again."

"Holy shit," I gasped. "Kinda the last thing I wanted to hear before I have to go back in,"

"I know, right?" Stew chuckled nervously.

"What made you think of that story all of a sudden?" I asked.

"Actually, you reminded me of that old Hawaiian man just now when I saw you sitting here," he mused. "But like a younger version, weird, yeah?"

Weird indeed. Thanks to all of the EMT brothers and sisters who work hard to save lives day in and day out. They may not get the recognition they deserve, but they should from the living and the dead. 

Credit: Loudoun Now



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