Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 9, 2022

New 2022

We got the two-acre piece of land for a steal at a hundred thousand dollars.

The house we built was almost as much, if not more, but we had the seven-bedroom home we dreamed of when it was all said and done. We weren't worried about the strange sounds at first because it's a new house, and when it's making creaky noises and squeals here and there, that means it's settling. We understood that, in fact, we had a discussion with all of our kids beforehand, so none of them were freaked out when we heard the sounds. It's the people that we weren't prepared for. No one bothered to mention that our land is built on an old bus stop where patrons waiting for the last bus to town were plowed into, run over, and killed while waiting for their last ride. At the bus company, there was a rash of drug and alcohol problems with the drivers, especially when a driver is working long hours for overtime. Jason De Rullo didn't want to deal with his nagging wife, so he put himself on a list of drivers willing to work overtime. He popped pills to keep himself awake, but his body gave up and crashed at some point. So did the bus he was driving. In the middle of our living room, the residual manifestations of those poor people who were killed began to show up at random times. It was a gruesome sight, mangled bodies, oozing dark liquids, and the smell was just horrible. We're trying to think if a blessing will do the trick or if there's something more we have to do. Wish us luck.

Credit: Calisphere



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